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BC Coilovers at IMI Performace

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  • The RM and ER series BC Racing Coilover kits are made to order and are usually delivered within 10-14 working days.

BC Racing Coilover Kits - The Range

BC Racing Coilovers offer a professional level of damping performance proven on both road and track. Three kits are offered from a range height and dampening adjustable kits with many exiting features to inverted mono tube kits aimed at serious track day and race enthusiasts to external reservoir 2 way adjustable damping kits developed for circuit racing. We use these kits on our own track day cars and have done for many years. BC Racing Coilovers - BR Series - Street and Circuit

The BR Series of BC Racing coilovers is often referred to as “Street and Circuit” and is built for exactly that purpose. These kits have been developed for drivers who use their cars on the road and enjoy the odd track day. Often these cars become more track focused as time goes by and the owner gets more track experience. Possibly now a second car and used less for the daily commute and more for fun and probably becoming more modified more for track use perhaps with a cage, engine and brake mods and possibly semi slick track day tyres. This is where the BR Series excels. The spring rates and damper adjustment is designed to offer stiffness settings from road soft to track day stiff.

Macpherson strut cars, where possible, will enjoy camber adjustable front top mounts which allow you to really dial the car into any track and increase front end grip. The BR Series is offered with damping adjustable over 30 clicks from soft to hard which allows you to alter the stiffness of the car front to rear to dial out unwanted oversteer or understeer for a faster cornering, more neutrally handling car. All BC Racing BR Series kits offer height adjustment so again, you can alter the front to rear height bias to combat understeer and oversteer or for show cars, you can drop the car into the weeds without sacrificing ride comfort.

BC Racing Coilovers - RM Series - Inverted Monotube

We move up a gear with the BC Racing RM Series coilovers. Offering all the benfits of the BR Series, the RM Series dampers are an inverted monotube front (and rear depending upon the specific vehicle application).

An inverted monotube is in effect and upside down damper with the internal adjustment valves and gas and oil cells and the top of the damper. This has a number of benfits as moving the heavier parts of the damper to the top reduces unsprung weight and helpd the suspension react quicker to bumps in the road surface. A suspension damper that can react quickly can maintain tyre contact with the road more readily increasing grip and traction. Also, moving the gas and oil cells away from the brakes reduces heat inside the cells which reduces the chance of the damper oil overheating and the damper loosing performance.

As you can see, these benefits are aimed at the serious fast road and track day enthusiast who wants a simple to adjust set up that performs!

BC Racing Coilovers - ER Series - External Reservoir

The ER Series (External Reservoir) BC Racing coilovers are aimed at those customers participating in tarmac motorsport i.e. circuit racing. Top mounts are uprated to pillow ball rear and of course camber adjustable front (where possible depending upon vehicle application). Height is still adjusted using the lower brackets so the kit retains full damper travel for those kerb hopping moments. Corner weighting is achieved by adjusting the lower spring perches to even out weight and tyre grip.

The biggy though is that the BC Racing ER Series Coilovers brings separate compression and rebound damping adjustment to the feature list! This is most useful for track day and race cars alike (where regulations allow the use of 2-way adjustable dampers), allow us to illuminate!

Imagine you are approaching a corner, you brake before the corner and the front end of the car dips down (compression phase). This transfers weight to the front tyres increasing grip ready for the corner. All good so far you may think. As you release the brake pedal though, the front of the car snaps back up (rebound phase) transferring weight off the front tyres and reducing grip. As you turn in, the car is likely to understeer, as you accelerate, the unsteer is only going to get worse, slowing you down as you have to back off the throttle to regain grip! This is where the separate compression and rebound damping comes in. Altering the rebound damping allows you to slow the rate of rise when the brakes are released, forcing the front tyres to maintain grip and allowing you to brake further into the corner and accelerate harder on exit. This we think you will agree is a far faster way of getting around the corner and carrying more speed into the straights!




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