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Subaru BC Racing Coilovers

Subaru BC Racing Coilovers

BC Racing Coilovers are big in the Subaru world due to the versatility of these cars. Available for the awesome Subaru Impreza in Turbo, WRX and STI forms, from the earliest to latest cars as well as the Subaru BRZ, these kits are great for track day enthusiasts and racers alike. BC Racing also has the Subaru Forester covered just in case you fancy dropping the ride height and tightening the handling on one of these great machines.

Fitting a set of Subaru BC Racing Coilovers is simplicity itself, just unbolt your existing suspension and bolt in the BC Racing kit. The performance advantage of BC Racing Coilover kits is clear. Enjoy adjustable height and damping, uprated top mounts (camber adjustable where possible) and matched springs and dampers to ensure a smooth ride at even the lowest of ride heights.

Our Subaru BC Racing Coilover kits are the cheapest you will find as we make sure we can never be beaten on price! Check out the range to see what is available for your car.

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